GSL HeadshotI am a PhD candidate in Political Science at Columbia University. My work aims to help us understand how information technology can be leveraged to empower marginalized people and improve outcomes. I use causal inference tools, including randomized experiments, to study this question. I have spent the past seven years designing and implementing large-scale research projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

My academic research is published in the American Political Science Review and has been recognized with an award from the American Political Science Association Information Technology and Politics section. This work has received funding from the National Science Foundation (among others).

I have spent a combined total 36 months in the field, primarily in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, and Nigeria. I have managed large (100+ person) teams, designed and implemented large surveys (7000+ respondents), and collaborated with governments, local leaders, and local NGOs to implement new programs. I have designed training programs to introduce new technology to political elites and to marginalized people. Drawing on these experiences, I am the author of a fieldwork guide and a survey design guide published by the Evidence in Governance and Politics Network (EGAP).

See my project descriptions and papers to learn more about my work.